Acquaviva Foul Weather Jersey

It’s taken nearly a year, but we’re proud to announce the arrival of our new long and short sleeve foul weather jerseys.

acquaviva wet race jersey

grey and wet? just get out there!

To write this product description without using the ‘G’ word we feel would be disingenuous. We’ve all marvelled at the rise of the Castelli Gabba in recent seasons; in particular the way the pro peloton seemed to flock to it en masse at Milan-Sanremo 2013. It has been the reference point for this type of garment for several seasons now, particularly in the way that it seems purpose built for damp British winters. Its versatility has set such a standard that it’s frankly hard to see a further step change for this genre of garment, but we believe we’ve succeeded in raising the bar a touch…

zip detail on acquaviva wet race jersey

when you’re wearing gloves, our zip pull will help with adjustment

First up – fabric. We selected a Water Resistant (yes, water resistant) fabric from Italian specialists Vagotex who developed it in conjunction with two WorldTour teams whom we’re not at liberty to name. Its ‘waterproofness’ is rated at 10,000 mm. For more on how this performs in relation to the Gabba, there’s a test of the Parentini Mossa over at which uses our fabric.

race cut acquaviva wet race jersey for foul weather

aero cut for harsh racing and hard training

It’s a mid-weight softshell. We’ve ridden an intense training ride as low as 1 degree Celsius with a  mid weight base layer but we’d suggest a more realistic operating range would be 4-14 degrees. Obviously, a high intensity session at 14 degrees will make you overheat, and you’ll need a heavier winter jacket if you’re doing a recovery spin at 2 degrees. A lot of ‘tuning’ is possible using different base layers. You get the picture…

pocket drains on acquaviva wet race jersey

if you have waterproofed fabric, you’ll need pocket drains

Then, cut. The nature of this garment is fundamentally race fit. It’s designed to replace your race fit jersey. This has obvious aerodynamic benefits but it also just feels faster and more powerful. Training with race fit kit is more fun!

extra long sleeves on acquaviva wet race jersey

long sleeves for gapless glove joins

We protoyped 3 iterations until we were happy that the fit was sufficiently slim and specific to a cyclist’s physique. It’s pretty unforgiving, but we believe that the kind of riders who’ll be using this consistently will fit that shape. We also added 40mm to the original proto sleeve length. Compared to a ‘normal’ jersey, this may seem somewhat extreme, but bear in mind that in wet conditions, water will run down the arms.

extra long sleeves on acquaviva wet race jersey

water runs down the arm and off the glove, not into the cuff

The arms need to be able to overlap the glove as much as possible. Factor in also the aero / ‘attack’ racing position where the elbow is bent and those 40 millimetres take on a greater significance. Note finally, no ‘wicking’ cuff at the end to drag water inside.

Storm Flap and Reflectives on acquaviva wet race jersey

Storm Flap for race comfort plus reflective details

We added a storm flap as has become customary for this type of jersey. It alleviates that sinking feeling as the jet of cold water from your back wheel hits your lower back and runs down…. you know. And of course, reflectives.

Finally, printability. Well, we are custom clothing specialists. One of the hallmarks of this product group in the recent past has been a sea of solid colours with distinctive simplistic transfer printing. No longer. The Acquaviva (long sleeve) and Burrasca (short sleeve) are completely sublimated so we can produce them in your team colours starting at 10 units minimum as with our other main clothing lines.

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