Elio lightweight Jersey

Our Elio Jersey is the supreme lightweight choice for hot conditions.

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Our Elio lightweight Jersey is the ultimate jersey when the going gets hot!

lightweight jersey – the comfort of lightness

A size Medium weighs in around 110grammes. This means that not only does it feel like you’re barely wearing it, it transports perspiration to the surface super-quick.

In this way, it accelerates the natural cooling effect and minimises moisture retention. The Elio will keep you cooler, lighter and fresher!

Using our ‘over the top’ panel construction, the Elio uses one picee of fabric for the upper chest, shoulder and arm areas. This technique means that the fit is extremely close to the body, which enables it to act as a second skin, reducing aerodynamic drag whilst maximising ventilation.

attention to detail

small details like the raw edges on the sleeves keep the Elio simple and help to keep weight down – every gramme helps! We’ve also left the zip open to avoid any snagging of the fabric when you’re adjusting the chest opening on the move. So it’s ideal for those long climbs when overheating can be a serious problem.



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