Since 2011, when ISD-Neri-Giambenini burst onto the Italian scene with their Fluorescent Yellow strip, the rest of the world has been wondering when to make their move back into that sphere of solar glare.

Italians are not the shyest of beings, and while we were hesitating and debating, they were busy making. The upshot of this being that large volumes of highly visible fluoro yellow ink are already in use at our factory.

If you’re contemplating some fluoro on your strip, contact us to discover how we can incorporate this special colour into your design with the minimum of fuss and cost.


When you start a race, where do you put your car key?

Under the wheelarch?

Round your neck?

Leave it with the service car?

Having once lost a car key during a race, we can bear witness to the risky nature of slinging it in your rear pocket, but now we can offer the option of a waterproof zipped pocket on all our jerseys. Contact us for more details.